Multichannel eCommerce Management

Process More Orders With Fewer Resources


Our multichannel eCommerce software helps you grow your business by expanding your sales channel presence and automating multichannel fulfillment. Freestyle’s Multichannel Order Manager provides one seamless platform that integrates to virtually any eCommerce solution or 3rd party system, streamlining your multichannel eCommerce processes for success.

Sell Through More Channels

Your customers and prospective customers are everywhere – are you? Adding an eCommerce website or sales channel, like Amazon, eBay or any of the many marketplaces available, is a fast and effective way to grow your business, if you have the tool to manage them successfully. With M.O.M.’s open API, your technical resources can seamlessly integrate to virtually any channel while bringing them together for easy and efficient multichannel order management from one solution.

Centralize Your Workflow

Forget logging into multiple systems and/or manually updating various spreadsheets! Streamline your operations by managing all orders, inventory, customers and more from one inventory, order & customer management solution. Save time and reduce the errors associated with manually entering data in multiple places.

Sync With Your Sales Channels

No more comparing spreadsheets to see what orders need to be processed or calculating inventory levels. Once imported, orders from all sales channels are managed and processed from M.O.M. Up-to-date inventory levels can be sync’d back to your sales channels using a utility built around our API to ensure you don’t oversell or under deliver. And, you can set up different product prices and/or descriptions per channel.

Optimize Your Inventory

With all inventory managed from one location, you can rest assured that your published inventory levels are accurate. You can also tell which sales channels are selling better than others and transfer inventory to make the most out of your ‘available to sell’. You’re in business to make money, let M.O.M. help you do this faster and easier.

Understand Your Sales Channels

Want to know how each sales channel is performing? Or which products are selling best in each channel? Or better yet, which marketing efforts are driving customers to each channel? With M.O.M.’s advanced reporting functionality you can easily obtain this information and more to help you make strategic decisions in terms of your sales strategy.