Advanced Customer Order Management

Take Customer Service To The Next Level!


When it comes to customer order management, the more you know about your customers, the more you can increase sales through tactics such as points and rewards programs. With M.O.M. advanced multichannel eCommerce customer order management, every time a customer makes a purchase, sends an email, requests a catalog, or calls with a question, that information is tracked in the customer’s profile so your knowledge increases. And if you sell direct to businesses, you can manage them too.

Customer Management Made Simple

The key to providing excellent customer service is the ability to have “the” answer for “the” question. When it comes to providing immediate access to each and every one of your customer’s questions, M.O.M.’s power is simply unmatched. From one single screen, you can do take care of it all – enter new orders, review previous orders, list products purchased, record payments, manage contacts, update customer demographics, and more – all with just a few clicks or key strokes!

Look Up Customers Quickly and Accurately

Whether you have 5 thousand or 50 thousand names, when “Mr. Smith” calls on the phone to place an order, you have to find him fast no matter how many “Smiths” you have in your customer list. M.O.M.’s powerful relational database searches your entire customer file in just seconds, with options to search on name, email, phone and more. And don’t worry about spelling mistakes – M.O.M. customer management software can even search on a last name or company name that “sounds” the same.

Reward Your Good Customers and Create Loyal Shoppers

Design a ‘points and rewards’ program for your customers to keep them happy and coming back! The more customers purchase, the more points they earn and can “spend” on their next order. You decide how the points are earned and spent – specific products purchased or order total. Automatically keep a running account of each customer’s points and rewards activity, and print special statements to keep your customers informed and encourage more buying!

Business-to-Business Selling Made Easy

Establish customer terms and credit limits, apply finance charges and run monthly statements, select tax-exempt status, and set up special customer pricing discounts right down to the product level. With no limit to the number of separate billing, shipping, sold-to, and contact addresses, you can set up as many additional businesses as you would like.

Expand Your Reach Through Telemarketing

With the optional Telemarketing Module, you can manage your outbound and inbound calling, maintaining a complete call log for each customer. Assign a salesperson, record interest level, schedule call-backs, call-back topics and more. You can even design telemarketing campaigns using the optional List Management Module – create target lists and load them directly to the call schedule log with assigned salesperson and first-call topics.