eCommerce: How to Keep Customers Happy by Making Returns a Breeze This Holiday Season

Why not make this coming return season (Dec 26 through Jan 15…and beyond) your golden opportunity to build customer loyalty? During the holiday surge, a flood of orders originates from all different channels: including online shopping carts, postal mail order forms, inbound calls to customer service centers and physical points of purchase at brick and

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Holiday Season Best Practices: Order Entry Essentials

***This content has been updated as of November, 2020*** Efficiently capturing and processing orders is the backbone of your holiday retail business. It’s no secret that the order entry processing capabilities you don’t have can hurt you. Here are some all-too-common gaps in order management systems that can sabotage your success this holiday season. Best

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Holiday Season Best Practices: Order Promotion Pitfalls Many Retailers Face

Executing World-Class Order Promotions Is Key to a Successful Holiday Among the thorniest challenges retailers face during the holiday period is creating and executing successful promotions that motivate customers and drive business. Don’t let these common order management pitfalls sabotage your success. Best practices department: order promotion division. When planning your marketing strategy for Black

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