M.O.M. 12 – Order and Inventory Management Software Redefined


Struggling to grow your business and boost profitability?
Introducing M.O.M. 12 – Freestyle’s powerful OMS.

With over 1,000 features, more than 100 new enhancements and over 30 years of development, Multichannel Order Management (M.O.M. 12) is the industry-leading order and inventory management software solution for your growing small to mid-market business. M.O.M. 12 is an exceptionally robust OMS that helps you manage orders, inventory, product and customer information for increased efficiency, improved revenue and better customer satisfaction.

M.O.M. 12 gives retailers and brands complete control over customization and performance. We empower you with the tools you need to take your business to the next level. Learn more about M.O.M. 12’s features below.