How to Get Inventory Management Resources That Matter Most

We’ve wrapped up our Top 12 Inventory Management Resources, our holiday gift to you! Did you catch everything we posted over the last 12 days? Don’t worry if you missed anything - here’s a quick recap with links to every piece.  Inventory Management Resources for 2020   DAY 1 - Do you need a new

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 3 Ways to Get the Most From Your OMS Reporting Tools

Reporting tools can be powerful resources that allow you to analyze, guide and grow your business in ways you never imagined. Freestyle takes reporting to a new level, with robust features that give you actionable, useful data. Are you looking for ways to interpret and use your data more efficiently and effectively? Take a look

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Is it Time to Rethink Your Return Policy?

A generous return policy is a vital component for any retailer, but with the ever-increasing demand, retailers are more susceptible to return fraud, back orders, and lost revenue. “Return fraud remains a critical issue for retailers with the impact spanning far and wide, in-store and online." -NRF VP of Loss Prevention Bob Moraca How can a retailer

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A Superior Approach to Ecommerce Customer Service

Providing the best eCommerce customer service starts with having the means to offer immediate access to address each and every one of the customer’s requests. "In the world of Internet Customer Service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away." -American Banker, Doug Warner There are several capabilities to support quality customer service.

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How to Maximize Your Inventory Turnover Rate

What is an inventory turnover rate? Simply put, it’s the number of times inventory is sold or used in a period of time. Also known as the cost of goods sold or net sales divided by the average inventory. Although a high inventory turnover rate signals strong sales, it can also indicate an ineffective inventory purchasing plan. And, since

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Is it Time to Take on Order Management?

There is no question whether online shopping will continue to grow, as the web becomes more of a go-to resource for everything retail. "In 2015, over 200 million U.S. online shoppers are projected to shop online at least once a month." -invespBlog But, the real question is; how will you as a retailer use this knowledge to

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What to Look for in a Cloud Based Order Management System

Migrating to the cloud is more than just a motto in today’s technology-driven world. Cloud based order management systems are quickly growing in popularity, as more than 78 percent of U.S. small businesses are expected to fully transition to cloud computing by 2020. By adopting a cloud based order management system, you can significantly increase

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