order processing

Processing eCommerce orders is at the heart of your business model. 

When you have a large volume of orders, you shouldn’t need to wait to process batches or print.

M.O.M makes it easy to handle large order volumes with our Advanced Order Processing module. Read on to learn more about the AOP module.

What is M.O.M. Advanced Order Processing?

AOP, or advanced order processing, is a module you can add to your M.O.M. software. 

The AOP module makes it possible to add simultaneous batch scheduling by multiple users accessing multiple printers. You can manage orders and shipping concurrently and the module includes the ability to save certain configurations to streamline continued large batch processing as a routine.

What are the five greatest benefits of M.O.M. AOP? Let’s dive right in.

1) Increase the Speed At Which You Handle Batch Order Processing

Batch order processing is much faster and easier when two or more people can manage orders at the same time.

We’ve added several convenient features to the Advanced Order Processing module designed to increase both the speed and convenience that your team can use to handle batch order processing.


2) Enable Multiple Users and Printers to Facilitate Batch Order Processing

The AOP module upgrades your M.O.M. software, taking it from a one-person batch order processing system to a multi-person batch order processing OMS. 

We have also added the capability to process batch orders across multiple printers, facilitating larger teams or even multi-location order processing if you are working across different warehouses for national order fulfillment efficiency.


3) Save Batch Configurations, Including Order Filters

For small brands with the occasional need for a batch order, it’s easy to configure batch orders one at a time. However, if you’re dealing with the holiday rush or regularly handle high-volume orders, the AOP module offers the ability to save batch configuration files.

You can save order filters to easily construct new batches based on matching attributes such as product category or package size to better streamline how your teams handle batch orders.


4) Streamline Onboarding of New or Seasonal Staff

Increased order volume means an increased need for staff to help fulfill orders. The speed of onboarding new team members can depend a lot on the simplicity and convenience of the software you use. 

M.O.M.’s Advanced Order Processing module makes it easy to streamline the onboarding process with simple, accessible dashboards, visualization of order processing, and easy-to-use interfaces in addition to multi-user batch processing capabilities.


5) Process Orders and Book Shipping At the Same Time

The AOP module also adds a critical final step: the ability to process batch orders and arrange for the shipping of those batch orders at the same time. 

The system will even suggest the best size of box to use based upon the product dimensions in each batch order. You can also streamline the scheduling process of shipping with your carrier partners to accelerate your order fulfillment process.


Book a Demo of M.O.M.’s Advanced Order Processing

If you’re an eCommerce manager with a high order volume during the holidays, now is the perfect time to add the AOP module to your M.O.M. OMS.

Schedule a demo to see Advanced Order Processing and M.O.M. V12 in action or contact us with questions.