Holiday Season Tips for Retailers

Follow these tips for retailers during the holiday season to increase sales.

FedEx Surprises Amazon with Contract Cancellation

It's not often that a market-leading disruptor has the tables turned on them, but that's what we saw this week when FedEx announced it's ending a lucrative package delivery contract with Amazon. It's always surprising when a corporation says no to millions in revenue from a “frenemy,” and it's even more surprising to see analysts

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Recapping the 2017 Holiday Season

The holiday season has come and gone. Putting away your decorations, while getting yourself back to basics is quite important. Now with 2018 in full swing, it’s a great time to reflect on what was. In a new article written by Digital Commerce 360, we learned that eCommerce sales increased 18.1% from November 1 through

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Many Happy Holiday Returns: How Not to Alienate Customers This Year

Why not make this coming return season (Dec 26 through Jan 15…and beyond) your golden opportunity to build customer loyalty? During the holiday surge, a flood of orders originates from sources including online shopping carts, postal mail order forms, inbound calls to customer service centers, and physical points of purchase at brick and mortar store

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Prepare for the Seasonal Surge in Order Volume in Your Warehouse, Reduce Mistakes and Save Money!

As a busy eCommerce retailer, you’re probably acutely aware of the “Monday Rush.”  Those orders that have been accumulating since they were completed and paid for on your eCommerce platform Friday afternoon, all day Saturday, all day Sunday AND early Monday morning. Now it’s “Monday Rush” AM and your warehouse staff is faced with their

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Holiday Deadlines Fast Approaching

Halloween has come and gone leaving us even less time than normal to regret all the candy we “checked” for our kids (chocolate and peanut butter is the best!) with the advent of the annual USPS announcement about Holiday mail deadlines. Thanks to the good folks at EcommerceBytes here is a comprehensive guide to ensuring that

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