Multichannel Inventory Management

Manage Complex Inventory Items with Ease


Multichannel inventory management can be a nightmare for any system that fails to handle kitting and continuity programs, fractional quantities, size/color variants, and more. Freestyle’s Multichannel Order Manager does the job with ease, providing accurate inventory levels across all sales channels and letting you analyze each channel separately to execute a range of multichannel inventory management activities.

Maintain Control Across Channels

Managing inventory across multiple channels in one solution ensures accurate ‘available to sell’ levels are published to your sales channels to avoid ‘stock outs’ or over selling. Whether you sell five items or five thousand, you have visibility into each product’s availability to support a healthy operation.

Lot Tracking

Are you selling FDA regulated products? Ever have a product that is recalled and you need to notify your customer(s)? No problem, with Lot Tracking you know which of those items are in stock and need to be pulled from your inventory. You can also track which customers have already, or are about to receive, a product from that lot and notify them to ensure the safety of your customers. Tracking can be done by raw material, finished good level or both, whichever your business requires.

Inventory Forecasting*

Deciding how much inventory to order just got easier! Using sophisticated algorithms to take into account sales trends, you can forecast how much inventory you will need in order to make purchasing decisions much more accurate. You can specify the period of time during which to analyze for sales trends, such as: weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

*May require optional M.O.M. software modules/licensing and features vary from partner to partner.

Kitting Assembly & Track ‘Kitting’ Items With Ease

Do you sell bundled products that are made up of various individual items and are sold as a set or group with a special price? For example, a gift basket with wine, cheese, crackers, etc.? Easily track each of the items associated with a ‘kit’ and know when you need to re-order item(s) to make a complete product. Specify how a customer receives an invoice, whether the individual items that make up the ‘kit’ are listed or the product is listed as a whole, like ‘gift basket’.

Offer Continuity Or Membership Programs

From simple quantity discounts to the most complex “product-of-the-month” club – gain the flexibility to set up and price stock items correctly to ensure proper inventory, order & customer management so you have product on hand when it needs to ‘go out the door’.

Manage Multiple Suppliers

Do you work with multiple suppliers? M.O.M. inventory management enables you to manage multiple suppliers at multiple buying levels. With M.O.M., you are better equipped to flexibly source inventory and handle complex supplier and multi-supplier fulfillment requirements to meet customers’ demands.

Manage Multiple Warehouses

Are you using multiple warehouses from which you store and ship products? No problem. Maintaining multiple warehouses is a breeze. Know how much inventory is in each bin within each warehouse; assign picking preferences using the Advanced Warehouse Module; establish special bins for returns, damaged, or bulk storage; transfer inventory from one warehouse to another, and much more.

Track Complex Inventory Units

Are your items sold in fractional quantities like ‘by the pound’ or ‘by the yard’? No problem, track them with ease. Managing clothing or any item with a variety of selections is also made simple through an inventory tracking matrix table. During a direct entry order of a variable product, the size/color pop-up screen is automatically displayed, making it easy for your customer service representative to advise and make a customer’s selection.