Advanced Supplier Management

Purchasing & Receiving Inventory Made Easy


M.O.M. supplier management, integrated purchasing, and multichannel inventory management capabilities help you avoid ‘back orders’ while optimizing inventory. Our flexible buying information table allows you to manage one or hundreds of suppliers with varying quantity or discount levels to maximize your purchasing power. Issue purchase orders with the click of a button and easily reconcile inventory when orders are received.

Have Greater Inventory Control

Establish the best inventory levels for each stock item and make sure that purchases are made well enough in advance to keep stock levels where they should be to avoid costly stock outs while having greater inventory control. When the order arrives from your supplier, quickly and easily select the corresponding purchase order, record the actual amount delivered, and automatically update inventory levels. It’s that easy!

The Ultimate In Supplier Management

Whether you purchase an item from one supplier or one hundred, and no matter how many different quantity price or discount levels you need, the incredibly flexible buying information table handles it all! Just imagine having the ability to set up special pricing in unlimited multiples for an unlimited number of suppliers. You can even set up special “mix and match” pricing for a whole group of stock items that you purchase from a supplier – now that’s REAL “Purchasing Power!”

Send And Track Purchase Orders Easily

Display the items you need to purchase and simply ‘point and click’ to add them to a purchase order. Once you’ve made your purchases, printing, faxing, or emailing purchase orders for each supplier is just a click away. Automatically include the correct “buying level” pricing as well as any particular supplier terms or special discounts on each order. And quickly “spot check” your undelivered purchases to determine which suppliers are not filling your orders on time!

Manage Back Orders Efficiently

Sometimes you can’t avoid back orders, but you can do your best to reconcile them as efficiently as possible to avoid further disappointment, and M.O.M. inventory control software can help! When a delivery from your supplier is received, M.O.M.’s purchasing software has the intelligence to resolve any back orders that may exist for the product(s) received, starting with the “oldest” back order in the system.

Business Charts and GraphsMake Smarter Purchasing Decisions

Make the best use of your time by combining the reports you need to make your purchasing decisions with the actual purchasing process. Choose to display a list of all products that have reached their defined “low level” amount or define your own list – all products purchased from a particular supplier, or products you can purchase with a “group” discount, etc. And, M.O.M. automatically shows you how much of the product you bought the last time you purchased it and from whom you purchased it.