Multichannel Order Management

Manage Orders From All Sales Channels


Freestyle’s multichannel order management platform captures and manages all your orders in one place. The Point of Sale module brings together everything from direct entry orders to eCommerce store orders and orders from cash registers. By consolidating and automating your entire order fulfillment workflow, our M.O.M.® multichannel order manager ensures fast deliveries and satisfied customers.

Know Where Every Order Is At Every Minute!

Up-to-the-minute status reports let you select and review orders by status – orders that have not been picked, packed or shipped, orders awaiting credit card approval, orders with a particular stock item, and many more! With this kind of tracking working for you, you’ll not only impress your customers, you’ll be able to identify potential trouble spots in your multi channel fulfillment process before they become actual problems.

Ship Orders Your Way

No matter how you ship orders – standard, overnight, etc. – or what shipping company you use, you can manage from within our multichannel order management software. Integrating your shipping methods means you can: verify shipping addresses; access the most recent shipping rates, routes and methods; ship based on priority; print single or multiple pick, pack and shipping labels; tracking information; and more. Built-in universal shipping interface allows for easy third party and international shipping solutions such as Harvey’s CPS® and Endicia®

Offer Buy One, Get One Promotions And More

With the optional Offering order promotions is a great way to promote sales, but can present a challenge from an inventory and order management standpoint. With M.O.M., those challenges are solved, and managing your promotions is easy! You can offer a variety of promotions, including the popular ‘Buy One, Get One’, ‘Spend “X” Dollars, Receive Free Shipping’, and more!

Empower Your Order Takers

Provide your staff with the tools to – quickly enter orders, calculate shipping charges, provide tracking information, take payments, issue Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) numbers, and more – enabling great customer service and order taking efficiency. But don’t stop there, turn your order takers into sales people with product up-sell, cross-sell and substitute recommendations that ‘pop up’ when entering an order.

Process Orders For More than One Company*

With the optional Multi-Company Controller Module you can manage as many as fifty different companies in one system. Maintain separate inventory and customer information for each company while conveniently processing all of your orders from one single selection screen for each company. Quickly switch from one company to another with just a few of clicks of your mouse or choose to share inventory across companies!

*May require optional M.O.M. software modules/licensing and features vary from partner to partner.[/vc_column_text]

Integrate Payment Processing

Securely automate card authorizations and transactions direct to your bank or credit card network. The payment gateway is PCI compliant and supports a broad range of payment solutions, all card types, card present and not present transactions, dynamic DBAs, purchasing card transactions, and more. We also offer merchant account services at extremely competitive rates for complete payment processing integration.