Optional Modules For M.O.M.

Add Even More Functionality to Your Multichannel Order Management System


Over a dozen optional add-on Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.®) modules give you the ability to customize your business processes to match your specific eCommerce, call center and warehouse needs—without paying for features you don’t need. Freestyle lets you add power to your M.O.M. installation where you and your customers need it most.

Popular Software Modules for Multichannel Retailing:

Interactive Credit Card Authorization System (ICCAS)*

Completely automate credit card authorizations and transactions direct to your bank or credit card network. Card purchases can be approved/transacted in real-time from the order entry screen while the customer is on the phone, or in batch prior to each run of order processing.

Address Correction and Verification Module (ACVM)

Address Book Take advantage of our Address Correction and Verification Module (ACVM) to reduce shipping delays and carrier-imposed penalty fees for correcting inaccurate addresses. We compare your key-entered and imported customer shipping or mailing addresses against actual USPS® data. Correct and validate key entered orders in real-time. This service is renewable annually.

Automatic Shipping Calculations Module (ASCM)*

Tailor your company’s shipping policies to your specific market. Create your own customer shipping charge schedules for each shipping method based on actual shipping costs, order total, number of items, C.O.D. premiums, etc. and you can apply shipping charges to a third party account. The module comes with a direct interface to UPS®, FedEx/RPS®, USPS® and Endicia®, providing real-time rate calculations for each one.

Telemarketing Management Module (TMM)*

Provide your customer support and sales staff with an inbound call log, outbound call and call back scheduling, a call note pad, and caller interest level tracking. Take scheduled calls entered in M.O.M. and create calendar appointments in Microsoft Outlook. And you can use the optional List Management Module (LMM) to create telemarketing lists that can be loaded as “calls to be made” with scheduled call dates, first call topics, and assigned salesperson.

List Management Module (LMM)*

Create segmented target lists of your customers and prospects for emailing, mailing, or telemarketing, in other words, generating that extra eCommerce or phone based order. The module includes a sophisticated query building tool that enables you to precisely build your target list based on customer or prospect type, product purchased, advertising source, gross dollar amount spent, number of orders, geographic location, date of last activity, number of mailings, even any of your own customized customer fields.

Intelligent eCommerce Integration Solutions for M.O.M.:

Import/Export Module (IEM)*

This advanced import/export module lets you connect M.O.M. to outside webstores if you do not use our SiteLINK shopping cart software. You can import or export web orders as well as customer names or prospect names. The import process controls all inventory, tax calculations, product pricing, shipping, and resolution of duplicate customer names.

Amazon Marketplace Integration*

Amazon® Marketplace web services represents an opportunity to reach over 150 million potential new customers, extend your geographic range, build brand awareness, and increase overall revenue. M.O.M.’s Amazon marketplace integration software enables you to easily open this new business channel while automating order processing, order acknowledgements, shipping notices and tracking information.

M.O.M.® Auction Lister for eBay® Built-In Integration

M.O.M. Auction Lister provides seamless M.O.M. integration to eBay. It runs directly off the M.O.M. SQL Server database with no importing required. Orders are downloaded from eBay and automatically added into M.O.M.! * Requires monthly subscription.

Specialty Software Modules:

Advanced Inventory Module (AIM)

Designed to enhance the already powerful stock management features of the basic M.O.M. system, this module adds the power of ‘Scan & Shelf’ receiving, historical based purchase forecasting and an interface for synchronizing M.O.M. with external inventory or manufacturing systems.

Multi-CompanyMulti-Company Controller Module (MCCM)

The MCCM multi-business software module enables you to run an unlimited number of eCommerce stores, catalog fulfillment or cross channel companies using one single Multichannel Order Manager system. All customer, stock, and accounting information as well as inventory management, order processing, eCommerce hosting and shipping are kept separate for each individual company. This module is only available for multi-station (networked) M.O.M. users.

Advanced Warehouse Module (AWM)

To meet your growing needs, we have designed the Advanced Warehouse Module so you can scale up to accommodate multiple packer work stations in the same warehouse or multiple warehouses with multiple packers. The module lets one person centrally manage the activities of multiple packers working at one or several warehouse locations.

Report Builder

The Report Builder Module allows you to create custom reports. Report Designers can create, edit, and view reports. Report Viewers can only view reports. The Report Builder offers security settings to determine what reports users will be able to view. The Report Builder offers four types of custom reports, quick reports, cross tabulation reports, labels, and charts. Contact one of our Service Provider Partners for help in building custom reports.