Business Intelligence

Advanced Reporting Capabilities to Help You Make Smart Decisions For Your Business


Here are the eCommerce business intelligence and reporting tools you need to make the right business decisions, from detailed reports that track your day-to-day operations to the highest level of trend analysis for strategic product, marketing and advertising plans, and everything in between. M.O.M. reports on products, sales, marketing activities, employee productivity and more.

Easily Exportable

For those who prefer reviewing printed reports, or want to manipulate the data further, each report can be printed or easily exported to Excel, PDF, or CSV formats.

Incredible, Real-Time Reporting Power

From the closest level of detail to high levels of analysis, get the reports you need, when you need them, with the ability to slice and dice them however you want and graph them for quick visual reference! Pool all information together, separate it out by channel, product, etc., whatever suits your needs. And no matter how big the report is, M.O.M. reporting processes it at the same super fast speed!

See Trends & Track Costs

Gain insight into which of your products are selling and how each sales channel is performing. Use this intelligence to spot trends earlier and to make better decisions on what and how much to buy so you can keep the most accurate levels of inventory on hand at all times. Report on product profit by individual product, channel, salesperson, customer type, website, catalog, advertising source, virtually any qualifier you want.

Track Advertising Results

Setup “source keys” for your online, mail, telemarketing, and retail campaigns. Then determine your most effective advertising source based on sophisticated profit and response reports, including Revenue by Ad Source, URL, Downstream Reorder Analysis, Market Analysis, and Response Curve Forecasting.

Calculate Sales Commissions and Royalties

Do you pay out commissions and royalty fees? No problem. M.O.M. gives you sales commissions reporting and royalty payment reporting by individual product. Set up commission and royalty rates based on gross, net or unit sales.

Create Custom Reports

Can’t find the report you need in the included standard reports? Quickly and easily create your own report from scratch! Full report building functionality is available using the optional Report Builder module, see Optional Modules. All other standard reports can be manipulated utilizing user-defined filters.