Streamline Your Global Shipping with the Shippo International Module, Freestyle Solutions

In today’s fast-paced eCommerce landscape, managing international orders efficiently is crucial for sustaining growth and customer satisfaction.

For eCommerce managers overseeing operations at large companies with high order volumes, finding reliable solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing systems is paramount.

Freestyle Solutions understands these challenges, which is why we’re excited to introduce our Shippo International Module, designed specifically for Freestyle’s multichannel order management system, M.O.M.

What is the Shippo International Module?

The Shippo International Module is a powerful tool that enhances Freestyle’s M.O.M. system by simplifying the complexities of global shipping. This module leverages Shippo’s robust platform to provide eCommerce businesses with access to a network of international carriers, competitive shipping rates, and streamlined customs documentation—all from within the familiar M.O.M. interface.

Key Benefits for eCommerce Managers

1. Seamless Integration: Integrating the Shippo International Module into M.O.M. is seamless and straightforward, allowing eCommerce managers to start using international shipping functionalities without disruption to their current workflows.

2. Expanded Carrier Network: Gain access to a wide selection of international carriers through Shippo’s network, ensuring you can choose the best shipping options for your specific needs, whether it’s speed, cost-effectiveness, or specialized services.

3. Real-Time Rates and Tracking: Obtain real-time shipping rates and track international shipments directly within M.O.M., providing transparency and peace of mind to both your team and your customers.

4. Automated Customs Documentation: Simplify the complexities of customs paperwork with automated documentation generation, reducing errors and delays commonly associated with international shipping.

5. Scalability and Efficiency: Scale your international operations efficiently with tools that are designed to handle high order volumes, ensuring your business can grow without logistical constraints.

Why Choose Freestyle’s Shippo International Module?

Freestyle Solutions has been a leader in multichannel order management for years, empowering eCommerce businesses of all sizes to optimize their operations and enhance customer satisfaction. By integrating Shippo’s international shipping capabilities into M.O.M., Freestyle continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.

Learn More and Get Started

Watch our YouTube video to see the Shippo International Module in action or contact us to learn how Shippo International can streamline your global shipping operations.