Handling Amazon Inventory Management: Is Launchpad for You?

Amazon recently unveiled a new marketplace, referred to as the “red carpet for startups.” With this, new businesses can expand their products across the globe through custom pages and access to Amazon’s fulfillment network. Launchpad, from Amazon, is striving to support startup brands with videos, extra photos, product descriptions and a Q&A section to boot,

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A Breakdown of Amazon’s New Manage Inventory Page

One aspect of maintaining a healthy seller relationship with Amazon is having enough inventory on hand to cover customer demand. Through Seller Central, you can get “near-real time data” for each product in your inventory on the Manage FBA Inventory Page. As Amazon explains on Winning with FBA, “You can see your Fulfillable and Unfulfillable

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Small Business Inventory Management Insights

Online retailers, who are evaluating a small business inventory management solution for the first time, realize the need to automate their order and inventory processes. Automating with online inventory management not only alleviates the headaches and inaccuracies associated with the manual efforts, but it positions businesses to continually grow their brand. Multichannel selling significantly complicates small business inventory management, as well

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