Integrated Shipping & Drop Shipping

Pick, Pack & Ship With Ease for Accuracy & Control!


M.O.M. integrated shipping management software minimizes shipping delays and carrier imposed penalties. Our fully integrated shipping functionality lets you verify addresses, print finished shipping labels, access tracking information, control shipping rates, and more. Powerful point-and-click shipping integration capabilities and drop shipping support drive major time savings and dramatically reduce errors.

Integrate With UPS®, USPS®, FedEx® And More

Integrating the shipping process saves you time, reduces the risk of manual data entry errors and gets packages out faster! Once the shipment is created, finished labels including bar codes, tracking information and account information are printed with the click of a button. And shipping addresses are verified against the postal database to ensure accuracy. The built-in universal shipping interface allows for easy access to third party shipping domestic and international solutions such as Harvey’s CPS® and Endicia®.

Control Over Shipping Rates

Deciding what shipping rates are provided to your customers is up to you. You may want to pass on actual rates based on the shipping company’s actual tables. Or you may have significant handling costs associated with picking, packing and shipping the order and want to add a handling fee. The choice (and control) is yours.

Picking via Wireless Scanner

Picking orders just got easier! Increase the speed and accuracy in picking items using wireless barcode scanners. Upon scanning the order, the items to be picked are loaded into the scanner. Only those items in the scanner can be picked, ensuring accuracy on each order. Once picked, the order is moved to the packing stage in M.O.M., and the Picker can move on to the next batch of orders. It’s that easy!

Keep Customers Informed With Real-Time Shipment Tracking

All your customer cares about is ‘where is my package?’ With integrated shipping, as soon as a package is shipped, a tracking number is automatically generated and attached to the order. This information is sent to the customer and is accessible by your customer service team should a customer call in for an update. Everyone is ‘in the know’ at all times.

Drop Ship Using EDI

If drop shipping is your method of choice for some or all of your products, you want to ensure fast and efficient communication between you and your drop shipper so you can get shipments out to customers in a timely manner. Through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), it doesn’t get any easier! Eliminate manual data entry errors, increase productivity without increasing staff, streamline your transaction processing, and more with M.O.M.’s drop shipping management.

Offer Flexibility In What and How You Ship

Ideally, an order comes in, you pick and pack it, and send it out the door. But it’s not always that easy. M.O.M. offers flexibility in how you fulfill orders in the event that you don’t have all the items a customer ordered in stock. Rather than upset a customer, you can offer options such as partial and advanced fill, and send the remaining items when inventory is received.