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In SiteLINK 10, we added functionality to improve the shopping experience for customers while keeping up with changing market dynamics to future-proof your website. SiteLINK 10 is compatible with M.O.M. Version 10.


Mobilize Your Business

Considering 56% of online retail searches take place on mobile devices*, in SiteLINK 10 we’ve updated our mobile templates to improve SEO ranking in addition to the overall shopping experience.  Stay current with the latest practices in mobile web design while optimizing navigation, image layout and checkout for your customers.

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secure payment

Secure Your Business

Don’t let your website get hacked and your customer’s payment information stolen. Our most secure version of SiteLINK to date offers the latest PCI certification (3.1, level 1) and the introduction of Tokenization support to protect your customer’s data and your brand. Tokenizing a credit card means credit card numbers will be encrypted and then removed from your system.

Grow Your Business

With the addition of downloadable digital products, such as music, product manuals, and eBooks, SiteLINK 10 gives you the ability to sell more than you ever could before.growth
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Other Improvements:

  • Improved Abandon Cart Tracking
  • Hamburger Menu w/Department Listing
  • Expandable Search Menu
  • Product View in a List or Grid
  • Improved Product Page Layout
  • Improved Basket Layout


Learn more about M.O.M. 10 and SiteLINK 10, or contact one of our Solutions Specialists today to get you set for the most secure version of SiteLINK at (800) 474-5760, and select option “1”.