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Freestyle Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.)
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Cutting-Edge Reports and Dashboards

With advanced reporting, Freestyle M.O.M. allows you to create custom reports, which can be easily exported and manipulated for those who prefer a printed copy from Excel, PDF, or .CSV formats.

Create Custom Reports

Can’t find the report you need in the included standard reports? Quickly and easily create an individual report from scratch. Full report building functionality is available using the optional Report Builder feature. All other standard reports can be manipulated utilizing user-defined filters.

Real-Time Reporting Power

From the closest level of detail to high levels of analysis, get the necessary reports, with the ability to organize and control them with graphs for a quick visual reference. Freestyle M.O.M. allows retailers to combine data and separate it by channel, product, etc. No matter how big the report is, M.O.M. reporting processes it at the same, high-performing speed.

Track Advertising Results

Setup “source keys” for online, mail, telemarketing, and retail campaigns. Then, determine the most effective advertising source based on sophisticated profit and response reports, including Revenue by Ad Source, URL, Downstream Reorder Analysis, Market Analysis, and Response Curve Forecasting.

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