Freestyle Multichannel
Order Manager (M.O.M.)

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Freestyle Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) is the company’s flagship on-premise platform, which has been curated to be the most comprehensive inventory and order management system available for the mid-market.

With 30 years of development and over 1,000 features, Freestyle M.O.M. is the company’s flagship on-premise platform for the mid-market. Freestyle M.O.M. is the leading PCI-DSS compliant software for mid-market retailers and brands who do not want to compromise on functionality, scalability and security. With Freestyle M.O.M., retailers and brands have complete control over customization of the application to meet their specific requirements.

Whatever your omnichannel order, inventory or customer management needs, Freestyle M.O.M. can help retailers and brands drive B2C and B2B revenue, increase efficiency, and improve the customer experience. With flexible framework for customization and merchant friendly product management, retailers can organize and efficiently drive in revenue. RESTful APIs allow for easy, streamlined integrations, along with the many features available within Freestyle M.O.M.

Our robust Freestyle M.O.M. order and inventory management system is also offered as a hosted solution.

To learn more, view the Freestyle M.O.M. solution sheet and features at a glance.

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With over 2,000 customers using M.O.M. ranging up to $250 million in annual orders, you will be in good company for growing your business both today and into the future.

[ivan_testimonial template=”clean-color” c_id=”.vc_1452790302473″ author=”Sue Landay” desc=”Trainer’s Warehouse”]

“I keep “finding” new features that I hadn’t been using … we keep learning more about how to do our job well, simply by exploring the features that M.O.M. developers have created for us to use.”