Freestyle Multichannel
Order Manager (M.O.M.)


All the robust order and inventory management functionality of M.O.M. is offered in our hosted solution. M.O.M. hosted provides your staff access, support and security to your system 24/7/365, without having to contend with the costs associated with the system infrastructure and maintenance. Below are some points to consider if you are trying to decide whether a hosted solution is right for your business:

Does your order, inventory and customer management system need to be available at all times?

Do you have an online retail business that depends upon the access and management of orders, inventory and customer service around the clock?

Do you have the staff and the financial capital to maintain the system’s infrastructure 24/7/365?

Is your business growing rapidly with the need to scale operations quickly to meet business goals?

Do you experience system access/uptime issues that interfere with sales and business operations?

If you answered yes to the questions above, a hosted or SaaS solution is right for you.

Explore Freestyle M.O.M. Features:

Along with all of the mission critical M.O.M. order and inventory management features, you can equip your customer service representatives with the tools and customer management software to support customer requests, such as enter new orders, review previous orders, list products purchased, record payments, and manage contacts – all with just a few clicks. Improve customer retention with our inventory and order management solutions that enable you to easily access key customer information and ensure timely delivery of products.

[ivan_testimonial template=”clean-color” c_id=”.vc_1452292166816″ author=”Nancy Miller” desc=”Carolina Cookie Company, IT-Website Operations Manager” el_class=”productTestimonial”]

“A large percentage of our orders come in during November and December, and we need to add 23 people to our staff to handle the holiday volume. M.O.M. easily grows with us and helps us manage this spike in volume so that we continue to provide those fresh-baked cookies to our customers!”