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Robust Inventory Management and P.O. Administration

With the longest and deepest experience, Freestyle M.O.M. offers a robust inventory management system that captures and manage all orders and inventory in one advanced solution. Using our multi-channel inventory management software, you will have the ability to thoroughly analyze each channel separately.

Lot Tracking

Freestyle M.O.M lot tracking allows retailers and brands to designate specific products to determine which are in stock and which need to be pulled from inventory. With advanced functionality, retailers can also track which customers have already, or are about to receive, a product from that lot. Customer notifications can be delivered from the system to provide visibility and communication. Depending on the specific requirements of your business, tracking can be done by raw material, finished good level or both.

Inventory Forecasting

With our inventory forecasting features, sophisticated algorithms aid in handling account sales trends for future growth. This will ultimately help retailers forecast how much inventory is needed for complete accuracy with purchasing decisions. Retailers can specify the period of time to analyze sales trends, such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Manage and Track Complex Inventory Items

With Freestyle M.O.M., retailers and brands can easily track complex inventory items such as kits, bundles, fractional quantities, and more. Managing clothing or any item with a variety of selections is also made simple through an inventory tracking matrix table. During a direct entry order of a variable product, the size/color pop-up screen is automatically displayed, making it easy for customer service representatives to advise and make a customer’s selection.

Offer Continuity or Membership Programs

From simple quantity discounts to the most complex “product-of-the-month” club – gain the flexibility to set up and price stock items correctly to ensure proper inventory, order and customer management so you have product on hand when it needs to ‘go out the door.

Purchase Order Administration

With our purchase order reconciliation, Freestyle M.O.M. allows you to easily track inventory, so you can quickly submit purchase orders to suppliers. Our highly flexible buying table handles any size purchase order for streamlined functionality. From setting up prices in unlimited multiples for an extended number of suppliers, to offering “mix and match” pricing for groups of stock items, our advanced software makes the P.O. process efficient and simple.

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