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Freestyle Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.)
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Advanced Features and Functionality

Freestyle M.O.M.’s advanced order management features include an import/export wizard, Interactive Credit Card Authorization System (ICCAS), address correction and verification, and automatic shipping calculations.

Interactive Credit Card Authorization System (ICCAS)*

Completely automate credit card authorizations and transactions direct to your bank or credit card network. Card purchases can be approved/transacted in real-time from the order entry screen while the customer is on the phone, or in batch prior to each run of order processing.

Import/Export Wizard

The system allows retailers to easily import/export and update large amounts of product, customer and order data. Retailers can also map data fields to specific fields in the system, ensuring the data transmission is accurate.

Address Correction and Verification

Take advantage of our Address Correction and Verification to reduce shipping delays and carrier imposed penalty fees for correcting inaccurate addresses. We compare your key-entered and imported customer shipping or mailing addresses against actual USPS® data. Correct and validate key entered orders in real-time. This service is renewable annually.

Automatic Shipping Calculations

Tailor your company’s shipping policies to your specific market. Create your own customer shipping charge schedules for each shipping method based on actual shipping costs, order total, number of items, C.O.D. premiums, etc. and you can apply shipping charges to a third party account. The feature comes with a direct interface to UPS®, FedEx/RPS®, USPS® and Endicia®, providing real-time rate calculations for each one.

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