How Much Is Free Shipping REALLY Costing You?

Courtesy Pixabay | Mediamodifier GUEST POST BY PULSE TV'S CO-FOUNDER & COO, ANISA Let’s get this out there…I’m old! I’ve been a marketer for over 30 years. I started my journey in flea markets, but found my niche in direct-to-consumer marketing via Catalogs, TV and now the Internet. I’ve seen a great deal.

5 Key Shipping Insights for eCommerce Merchants

Shipping for eCommerce merchants can be a lengthy and grueling process. Whether you are pondering the idea of offering free shipping, inquiring about multiple shipping providers or figuring out how to build a drop shipping business, the details can get demanding. Finding a way to save is one challenge, but we have some eCommerce shipping strategies

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4 ‘Free’ Marketing Incentives Every SMB Should be Using

Why ‘Free’ In Marketing Works The motivating four-letter word ‘Free’ gets attention from consumers no matter what it’s referring to. Whether they are ecstatic about free Wi-Fi, free product returns or even a free donut with a beverage. That free fried dough on National Donut Day drives people mad, so much so you’d think one would cost more than $1.25.

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7 Essential Strategies Before Offering Free Product Returns

Consumers love the four-letter word, 'Free,' whether that means scooping up some needless key chains or reveling in a free shipping purchase they just made. The reasons to offer free shipping have risen over the years with increased conversions and more, but, free returns might be on its way to matching free shipping in years to come. “Free returns and

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