shipping insights for ecommerce

Shipping for eCommerce merchants can be a lengthy and grueling process. Whether you are pondering the idea of offering free shipping, inquiring about multiple shipping providers or figuring out how to build a drop shipping business, the details can get demanding.

Finding a way to save is one challenge, but we have some eCommerce shipping strategies to guide you through.

Since shipping costs are most likely among the top 3 expenses in a merchants P&L, along with cost of goods sold and salaries, learning some shipping insights for eCommerce can only help.

What if there were a way to monitor your shipping accounts, identify late deliveries and file the claims on your behalf? 71lbs. offers all that and more.

Did you know FedEx and UPS shipments come with a money-back guarantee if delivered late by 60 seconds or more? All overnight, ground and international shipments fall under the MBG policy.

With 7lbs, 100% of refunds get credited back to your online shipping accounts. Find out 5 best practices, ways to save and eCommerce shipping insights in the infographic below.

shipping infographicFor more, check out Freestyle’s recent partnership with 71lbs., the unique shipping service for M.O.M and Freestyle customers alike.