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Imagine yourself searching all over for the perfect product online, and you finally find it. The moment is here; you add it to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout – until you realize shipping is ridiculously expensive, almost nearing the price of the items you need.

Who really wants to complete a purchase if the shipping costs are close to or exceed the price of the products? Where’s the sense in that? Since ‘free’ marketing incentives are so popular among consumers, free shipping is almost expected among buyers today.

“According to 77% of online shoppers, free shipping remains the most important option during checkout – more than half have added items to their shopping cart to qualify for free shipping.”
-comScore study

This, along with the need to compete with brands like Amazon and eBay, increase orders or attract new customers, makes up just some reasons why more and more retailers feel the pressure to jump on the free shipping bandwagon. Free shipping is part of managing your customer’s experience for a seamless shopping experience. So let’s get to it. What are some of the benefits or reasons to offer free shipping for your business?

5) Increase Conversions

By implementing a free shipping strategy, you can significantly increase conversions to your website, and even the size of your orders. However, before you can increase conversions, you want to be sure you check off the 5 must-haves before offering free shipping. Increasing eCommerce conversions on all or some orders can be an extremely beneficial way to drive in more sales.

5 reasons to use free shipping -

4) Gain New Customers

Along with a fair chance in increased conversion rates, adding new customers are highly likely with free shipping offers. Since most shoppers want to see that free shipping option, even if they have to wait, the odds are in your favor. Some thing you want to consider are repeat purchases and the lifetime value of new customers as well as existing. There are many more tips and essentials to consider before offering free shipping.

3) Stand Out from the Pack

Similar to what I spoke about in our best Magento website designs post, giving your customer the know how about free shipping is the first step. Since customers are more likely to follow through with a purchase if they know they are being rewarded with free shipping, giving them that option right away is vital.

“93% of online buyers would be encouraged to buy more products if free shipping were offered.”

2) Clear Out Surplus Stock

Free shipping can also be another way to get rid of excess inventory once and for all, without your customers ever knowing the rationale behind it. Rewarding your customers with free shipping and clearing out some excess stock at the same time? What could go wrong? Yes, this seems like a definite and clear strategy, but before you jump into free shipping head first, be sure to read the free shipping eBook to get all of the specifics out of the way.

5 reasons to use free shipping

1) Free Shipping Never Ends

No one wants to pay for free shipping; that’s pretty clear by now. But, even if you are hesitant before offering it, there are a variety of ways to use it. There are loyalty programs, free shipping on returns and much more. The possibilities are endless.

So now that I’m sure we all agree; free shipping can really help increase orders, attract new customers and more. But, before you start to offer free shipping, it’s vital to know exactly what to do beforehand to make it profitable for your business. Find out the 5 things you need to know before implementing free shipping in the free eBook below.

Is it time for your business to start offering free shipping?

5 Must Haves Before Offering Free Shipping