international shipping

Expanding into global markets presents a golden opportunity to reach new customers and boost sales for many eCommerce businesses.

However, fulfilling international orders can quickly become a logistical nightmare involving multiple steps from order importation to printing shipping labels and customs declarations.

Without the right tools, businesses face inefficiencies and potential errors. Enter our Shippo International Shipping Module, which is designed to hone these complicated practices and boost eCommerce operations.

5 Benefits of Freestyle’s Shippo International Shipping Module That Can Revolutionize Your Fulfillment Process 

Freestyle’s Shippo International Module (SIM) joins forces with our Multichannel Order Manager software (M.O.M.) to offer a one-stop solution for managing all of your shipping needs.

Here are five benefits of the International Shipping Module:

1. Streamline International Shipping Workflows

Imagine entering endless order details, juggling separate shipping applications, printing mountains of paperwork or tracking information and services across multiple carriers. It’s a time-consuming and error-prone nightmare; a reality of international shipping without the right systems in place.

Say goodbye to dated segmented methods. Shippo integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow, allowing you to manage everything within a single platform. With a centralized system, businesses can consolidate their entire shipping operations from order fulfillment to delivery.

2. Effortless Label and Declaration Printing

Gone are the days of manually filling and printing international labels and customs declarations. With Freestyle’s module, businesses can generate these documents within a few clicks within the M.O.M platform. No more manual data entry or formatting hassles, which reduces the risk of human errors in shipping information and customs compliance. The international shipping module ensures your documentation is accurate and compliant with relevant regulations.

3. Submission of Customs Declarations Electronically 

A customs declaration is a legal document detailing the contents and value of your shipment. It acts as a passport that informs customs authorities of any duties or taxes that may apply to your cargo. Accurately completing items and customs duty information is crucial for all international shipping operations.

It entails providing detailed information on items’ descriptions, quantities and applicable costs per international import/export laws. Shippo allows businesses to electronically submit these documents directly through M.O.M. This advanced method ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, expedites customs clearance processes and minimizes the risk of delays or penalties during transit.

4. Automated Invoice Generation

With Shippo, companies can create and print invoices directly within the M.O.M platform, thus eliminating the need for manual entries or external applications. This feature ensures consistency in documentation to facilitate smoother transactions with customers worldwide. The international shipping module also takes care of all calculations and formatting, so you can focus on getting your orders out the door.

5. Access to Competitive International Shipping Rates

Freestyle’s International Shipping Module interfaces with leading shipping carriers. This means you can compare and shop international shipping rates in real-time to find the most cost-effective option for your freight, increasing efficiency and offering added convenience.

Businesses can make informed decisions based on factors, such as delivery times, tracking capabilities and carrier reliability, ultimately optimizing their shipping strategies for efficiency and effectiveness. Providing competitive shipping rates to customers also enhances buyer satisfaction and increases sales for subsequent business profitability.

Ready to Streamline Your International Shipping Operations?

If you want to increase your business’s shipping efficiency, Freestyle’s International Shipping Module is what you need.

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