cyber monday badgeWe’re officially in the throws of eCommerce holiday sales season, so we thought we’d provide some final thoughts to help you finish getting ready.

Check out a few of the articles we love this year – give them a quick read to tie up all of those troubling loose eCommerce holiday ends.


Our favorite Cyber Monday holiday checklists for online sales. 

Bossbabe’s article covers things at a high level, including:

  • how to prepare for sales surges
  • the importance of optimizing your site
  • crafting effective marketing plans
  • streamlining operations
  • and more

Spark Solutions offers a bit more strategic, detailed dive in 12 easy steps. Think it’s too far along in the season this year? Still worth the read…we suggest taking some of the ideas and plugging placeholders into next year’s calendar so you can stay on track. You’ll learn about effective tactics like:

  • load testing
  • buying userflows audits
  • code freezes

Scalefast’s 10 tips to prepare your site for the holidays is the final article we want to share. A great read if you’re looking for the basics and just want a checklist of those all-important tasks. You know, the ones you’d think were no-brainers, but are easy to forget. Review the items that can really trip you up if you’re not prepared, like the importance of:

  • organizing your inventory
  • testing your site speed
  • planning out your email strategy for the holidays

Finally, here are the top 4 things the we think are the essential Cyber Monday prep tasks:

  • Packing Supplies – you can’t ship those packages unless you have something to put them in
  • Labels – after all, your carrier needs an address for delivery
  • Staffing Plans – make sure you review last year’s peak order and shipping hours so you can have enough team members on hand when they’re needed most
  • Hot Chocolate – always a good idea and even better with marshmallows and candy canes!

Are you ready for the holidays? Let us know what questions you have. And if you want to share your own list, contact us today!




Images courtesy of Pixabay | ooceey