Key Features of M.O.M. Version 12.4, Freestyle Solutions

Have you upgraded to M.O.M. V12.4 yet? 

Version 12.4 was released in April, and this version is packed with new features, allowing you to streamline your processes, extend your current functionality and allow for more flexibility with M.O.M.

Here are just a few of the key features of M.O.M. V12.4:

  • Enable/Disable Ecommerce Products in Bulk – Provides merchants with the ability to enable and disable products for Ecommerce in Bulk. Streamlining the process of enabling products and quickly getting merchants up and running when integrating with Magento 2, Big Commerce, Shopify, Miva, and Amazon.
  • *Shopify Direct Integration Improvements – Shopify integration now handles inventory for kitted items. Another improvement is the product matching the stock table on download this allows merchants to bring in products without enabling first and acts as a catch all to ensure all products items are downloaded correctly into M.O.M.
  • *Enhanced Order Processing for Single line items- Provides merchants with the ability print out orders based on bin locations orders.  This helps streamline and optimizes the process of picking single line-item orders.
  • *Enhanced ACVM – Provides merchants with additional information such as address type, non-deliverable, Address not found, Delivery Validation Notes and more. This provides merchants with crucial information to reduce the risk of each shipment and proving confidence that orders are shipped and received by the customers.
  • Return Code Improvement – Provides merchants with the ability to assign return codes specifically to M.O.M., P.O.P or both.  Providing merchants with another layer of segmentation to optimize the return process.
  • Streamlined PCI Review Process – Provides merchants the ability to quickly confirm PCI changes by providing a prompt to review changes instantly.
  • And more!

View the Solution Sheet to learn more about other improvements included in this release.

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