returned package

We’ve all been there…you just finished your best month ever, but then the dreaded returns start coming back. You’re simultaneously trying to keep up with new orders while processing returns, which takes up valuable time for your team members. It’s enough to drive you crazy!

Freestyle Software has just launched a new poll to ask both eCommerce merchants and consumers their thoughts about the returns process: What Drives You Crazy about Online Returns? The findings from this research will ultimately help you and our other customers learn and improve your return policies.

View the poll here and see how other merchants and consumers have responded:


Customers don’t like returns, you don’t like returns and nobody ends up happy, unless you have a clear, rock-solid returns policy in place before the customer buys.

Our poll will be shared via our social media channels, third-party websites, our mailing list and multiple other channels, and we’ll share the results during the coming months.

Vote now to add your feedback to our research and see how your input compares to other merchants: