shipping refunds

Did you know that more than $2 billion dollars of shipping refunds go unclaimed annually?

Shipping costs are typically the 3rd largest line item on the P&L behind merchandise and labor cost. For most e-commerce merchants, 10% of their sales are spent on costs related to shipping. Given the number of dollars spent by your business to ship products to your customers, monitoring your shipments, and invoices is important to your bottom line.

With this being said, shipping managers typically have one objective…to fulfill orders and quickly. Because of this, they have little time to assume responsibility for additional workload. How do they meet the ever present deadlines to ship orders plus review previous shipments to ensure that they were delivered, much less arrive on time? There is a business solution for the commonly faced pressures faced by shipping managers to fulfill orders as well as meet customer expectations.

If your business ships with FedEx or UPS, consider taking advantage of a refunds and invoice auditing company allowing your business to focus on shipping orders, not claiming due refunds and credits. Select an auditor who offers an automated solution supported by a team dedicated to helping your business pay only for the services you purchase. Additionally, evaluate if the solution offers a dashboard offering the capability to review and analyze your shipping information in one tool.

Transform your practice by working with a trusted partner dedicated to optimizing your shipping spend, while you focus on your business.

Information is presented by 71lbs. 71lbs is dedicated to helping businesses optimize shipping spend. Solutions include late delivery refunds, invoice auditing, and lost & damaged claims to manage supply-chain expenses.