two women in office looking at stacks of catalogsCatalogs may seem outdated, but would you be surprised to learn that: 

Catalogs are actually still wildly effective

But while they can offer great success, launching (or upping your game) in the catalog vertical might seem daunting for a lot of you. We understand.  

Many businesses have just started feeling comfortable in the age of eCommerce, websites and eMarketing. And now we’re telling you to go back to the old school way of catalog sales?!

You heard us right. That’s exactly what we’re saying. But we can help.  

We know you have questions. Questions like: 

  • Can a traditional catalog marketer grow their business while keeping pace with the competition?
  • What catalog management software is out there? 
  • Where do I start? 
  • How do I know the ROI is there? 

Luckily…Freestyle Solutions has all the answers you need when it comes to catalog management software and sales. 

Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) is Freestyle’s flagship industry-leading order & inventory solution. And we’ve developed strong roots in the catalog business. 

M.O.M. has all the features you need to grow your catalog business, and offers the eCommerce tools you must have to allow you to manage your business across all your channels. That’s right…catalog sales work with all sales channels. 

Wondering how we can help? M.O.M. offers help in exactly the areas of your catalog business where you need it most:

  1. Catalog Planning & ROI Analysis – Printing a catalog is expensive. To be successful, you need tools that help you track revenue return, down to the square inch of the printed page.
    THE M.O.M. SOLUTION: M.O.M. has a report called the Square Inch Report that provides the data to track the return on every product. Make better decisions today with real-time data.

  2. World Class Customer Service – Having insight into how your catalog performs is great, but you still must answer the phone to take orders. Our customers see on average a 10% increase in their average order value within six months of going live.
    THE M.O.M. SOLUTION: M.O.M. has tools that allow you to track orders and customer history, as well as offer suggestions for sell on products and specialized discounts.

  3. Ship the Order – Sounds simple, but all the hard work you do upfront to land customers is just half the battle. Orders can fall apart if you don’t have inventory in stock or if you can’t find a product to ship.
    THE M.O.M. SOLUTION: M.O.M has best-in-class purchasing, inventory and order picking/shipping processes to keep your business humming and bottom line healthy.

Are you ready to grow your business and streamline your operations to include catalog sales? Now is the time to start…reach out today to learn how Freestyle and M.O.M. can help you with all your catalog management needs. 


Image courtesy of Pixabay | ermakovasve