nemoa 2023

I attended the NEMOA Spring Summit in Boston from April 4th to the 6th. It was an informative meeting for merchants interested in understanding the latest trends in catalog and direct mail marketing. But more than that, the Spring Summit brings together key influencers and allows them to interact with an audience focused on improving their business and customer interactions.  

We were able to meet onsite with Freestyle customers and held conversations about how we can work together to build their business. 

There was a great keynote address by Ken Schmidt, the former director of communications for Harley Davidson. Ken talked about the long road from bankruptcy to building a sustainable, market leading brand. If you have never heard Ken, you are missing a masterclass in branding.  

The keynote set the theme for the meeting, and included information about how to use social media, catalogs and the post-purchase processes–in short, the entire customer experience–to build and sustain your brand.  

The general meeting covered five key topics:  

  1. Use of text messaging vs. email marketing and how to overcome the challenges for each (including how upcoming regulations will impact use of text messaging, much like it has with email)  
  2. How to select and integrate social media as part of a brand strategy  
  3. Evaluating the design and paper stock of catalogs to control costs and lift yield 
  4. Optimizing the post-sale process and experience for both order fulfillment (something our team at Freestyle is focused on and an expert in) and customer experience  
  5. How looming tax legislation in California and New York could change the way economic Nexus is defined, and how this would impact every eTailer if it is passed  

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