Warehouse Bins

We have been speaking a lot with our customers during the past three months. The conversation has evolved from what to do to how to build a new operations model. As we move further into the pandemic, it is clear that pandemic influenced operating plans will remain through the end of 2020.

So, what does that mean?

There has been some great work done on this and recently I came across a piece written by Brian Barry. There is a lot of great information but let’s highlight some of the more important suggestions:

• Offer Curbside Pickup if possible
• However you decide to interact with your customers, communicate throughout every step of the order cycle.
• Seize opportunities to work with new suppliers and be alert for the chance to purchase close out inventory at favorable pricing.
• Pay attention to your freight costs, have they risen during the pandemic?
• Stagger warehouse shifts and disinfect work areas to keep your staff safe, you are probably doing this now but if you relax it could mean your business shuts down for weeks
• Consider slimming down your product list to focus heavily on your bestselling products, especially those with a stable supply chain.

We will continue to share more tips in the coming weeks. Have a question or comment, let us know.


Image courtesy of StockSnap.io|Mali Maeder