outside view of Javits Center in NYC

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Were you at The Big Show (also known as NRF) last week? Freestyle Solutions was…and we learned a lot about what’s becoming increasingly important in the eTailer and eCommerce landscape.

Read on for our top three takeaways from NRF’s Big Show 2019.

  1. Customer experience – in a nutshell, is everything.
    In the digital age we live in, where social presence is a given, and the viral potential to make or break a brand with just one influencer’s tweet or post a mere a click away, the experience you provide your customers can be a game changer in growing your brand. Personalization is key. Enabling store associates to delight is a must. Touch screen and interactive devices and displays are quickly becoming the norm (not to mention all but demanded by consumers).
  2. Business optimization – is more important than ever.
    Consumers expect a lot from the brands they support these days, and to say they’re finicky about being inconvenienced is a grand understatement. Customers want fast, efficient and effective in everything from the research leading up to, all the way to the check-out experience when they purchase. Processes need to reflect this ease-of-purchase. Store automation, bots and in-store self-serve, from price checkers to check-out procedures, are key.  
  3. Data – use it to your advantage…and don’t make it harder than it needs to be.
    The days of managing trends via spreadsheets and careful manual analytic examinations are gone. Particularly in the era of multichannel platforms, with exposure to your brand available across a plethora of interfaces, you simply can’t afford to manage your business without the help of software geared toward inventory and order management. What to look for in your Order Management Software (OMS)?
  • AI
  • Intelligent pricing and promotions
  • Predictive data
  • Ability to capture shopper insights
  • Ways to connect offline-online

The Freestyle Connection
How can Freestyle Solutions help you grow your brand and business? Freestyle’s Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) is industry-leading software that’s a game changer for retailers big and small. If you have any presence as an eTailer, you need software that’s scalable, cohesive and allows for continuous process improvement on the back end.

Freestyle Solutions’ M.O.M. has the ability to capture and analyze customer data, preferences and trends, which means you’ll know more about your ideal customer, keeping the old ones happy, and the new ones finding you. To sum it up, M.O.M. can improve customer experience, optimize your business and help you get the most out of your data.

Were you at NRF? Do you have questions about what we found there? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Reach out to us today at marketing@freestylesolutions.com, or leave us a comment below.