Store Closures GraphThe pandemic hit many facets of life…hard. But few industries felt the impact more than the world of retail. The ripple effects were strong, and massive. In the unprecedented shut-down of Spring 2020, businesses shuttered and for many, permanent store closures loomed in the not-far future. Major retailers with decades of history, simply are no more.

Though while it may be convenient to see this wave of failing brands as being a direct result of the Pandemic, there’s a different reality at play. Retail has been facing dim prospects for more than a decade. eCommerce, the art of online shopping, has given us an alternative to the old path for a customer journey. Brands now have to compete with the ease of one-click-purchasing, browsing in our PJs, easy comparison shopping, overnight shipping and everything else that eCommerce offers. Which got us to thinking…with the surging power of eTail, can retail survive?

This Throw Back Thursday, we’re taking a look back at our analysis on the issue.

Retail Stores Closing: Can eCommerce Help? What the Trends Tell Us

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