Amazon Just Blocked Sellers From Using FedEx – What You Need to Know

The eCommerce shipping war heats up further, and this time Amazon is turning the tables on FedEx after an announcement last year that FedEx would cancel their contract with the eCommerce giant.  We’ve been covering the story as it emerges, and you can get up to speed on the history of the conflict with two

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FedEx Surprises Amazon with Contract Cancellation

It's not often that a market-leading disruptor has the tables turned on them, but that's what we saw this week when FedEx announced it's ending a lucrative package delivery contract with Amazon. It's always surprising when a corporation says no to millions in revenue from a “frenemy,” and it's even more surprising to see analysts

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Holiday Deadlines Fast Approaching

Halloween has come and gone leaving us even less time than normal to regret all the candy we “checked” for our kids (chocolate and peanut butter is the best!) with the advent of the annual USPS announcement about Holiday mail deadlines. Thanks to the good folks at EcommerceBytes here is a comprehensive guide to ensuring that

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