boxes with shipping label

In your busy warehouse, every minute wasted is money out the door. When you need to spend precious time printing shipping labels, looking up mailing rates and finding the right carrier, you’re losing money.

With M.O.M.’s Shippo module, you can save money and accelerate your shipping process by printing labels for USPS, UPS and FedEx more quickly and finding mailing rates easily. 

You can also use our Rate Shopping module to find carriers, with multiple ways to search: 

  • the best way to ship
  • the fastest way to ship
  • the least expensive way to ship

The module offers workflow enhancements to fit your business’ unique needs, and there are no extra fees to use the Shippo system. In addition, you’ll receive commercial plus rates with Shippo and USPS Priority Mail discounts on your package shipping fees.

Want to learn more about how Shippo can streamline your shipping process? Contact us today to request a demo.