A generous return policy is a vital component for any retailer, but with the ever-increasing demand, retailers are more susceptible to return fraud, back orders, and lost revenue.

“Return fraud remains a critical issue for retailers with the impact spanning far and wide, in-store and online.”
NRF VP of Loss Prevention Bob Moraca

How can a retailer ensure they get their return items back as fast as possible, while dealing with return codes, shipping charges, and bin sorting?

Thinking through every aspect of your return policy may be a crucial area to hone in on for the new year. Check out the key insights from 2015 below to dominate returns this year.

return policy infographic

Keeping Your Customers Satisfied

Consumers will forever crave an accommodating buying environment, where returns are as easy as purchasing a product. There are a few ways to reduce the number of legitimate returns. Consider the following tips for a returns policy that will best compliment your business.

  • Amp up your customer service approach (look into including additional contacts, such as email, live chat, phone)
  • Incorporate product videos for clarification
  • Cultivate customer reviews
  • Always provide quality product images and detailed descriptions

Developing a succint return policy can sometime be a challenging process. Between providing the consumer with optimal service and striving to eliminate return fraud and errors in your processes, things can get messy. An order management system can help a retailer manage return process issues by providing options to customize the process and more. If returns season left you in a scramble, it may be time to consider your options.

Check out the complete guide to managing product returns to say goodbye to backorders, cancellations, negative social buzz and, potentially, lost customers.