additional workstation

So you made it through the holiday season and you’ve had a chance to reflect about how things went. If you’re like most eCommerce pros, you probably found yourself struggling to keep up with demand and thinking, “I HAVE to plan better next year.”

Whether you were struggling to process orders quickly enough or had a hard time understanding the status of orders, chances are you found yourself wishing that you had an extra pair of hands as your order volume was way up.

In 2023, you have a choice to plan better and get better results, and additional workstations are the answer.

What are Additional Workstations?

With M.O.M.’s additional workstations, you can add an additional seat to your M.O.M. license during busy seasons or when you add a new employee. Scale up or down exactly when you need it.

Additional workstations allow you to:

  • Process orders and shipping at the same time
  • Streamline view process in batch screen
  • Segment orders with filters to predefine batches 
  • Easily onboard seasonal help 
  • Run an order status progression report that shows how long it takes to complete an order, giving visibility to identify bottlenecks in the order process

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How Do I Add Additional Workstations?

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