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Few things can make or break a business faster than its eCommerce return policy. Whether you are a new company or looking to revamp your current one, you must understand the importance of a proactive and well-managed returns process for the satisfaction of both customers and vendors alike. 

What if there was a way to make them easier? You can handle returns like a pro with the right Multichannel Order Management System, (M.O.M).  Keep reading to find out how.

eCommerce Returns Are a Pain, But an OMS Makes It Easier

M.O.M is a revolutionary tool that makes managing returns easier than ever for eCommerce companies, reducing the hassle and improving customer satisfaction. It does this in the following ways;

1. Supplier and PO Management

OMS capabilities allow your business to have an integrated view of all suppliers and purchase orders, including those across multiple countries. This prevents duplication of information and provides a global understanding of supplier performance. 

With this capability, you can quickly identify areas where suppliers need to meet their contractual obligations or where there could be improvements in cost savings. Additionally, it allows for greater control over supply chain processes and the ability to respond quickly to unforeseen changes in demand or cost. These capabilities are significant for businesses that monitor their suppliers closely to meet customer expectations and remain competitive. 

2. Multichannel Management

OMS enables businesses to unify orders from multiple platforms into a single system. This centralization provides visibility and control over all sales processes, including order entry, payment processing, shipment tracking, and returns management. 

Multichannel capabilities also enable cross-channel promotions and analytics to drive better decision-making. Businesses can offer personalized experiences that meet customer needs and create competitive advantages by having an integrated view of customer data across all channels. 

3. Real-Time Reporting for Returns

Real-time reporting is one of the most critical capabilities of an OMS. By providing up-to-date analytics and insights, businesses can identify customer trends and make better decisions faster.

It allows for more accurate inventory management and quicker responses to changing market conditions. Additionally, it enables retailers to monitor their campaigns and ensure they get a maximum investment return. 

4. Simplified Shipping

An OMS simplifies the shipping process by automating carrier selection and rate optimization processes. This helps businesses reduce their costs and increase customer satisfaction by providing accurate, timely delivery of orders. It also enables companies to manage returns and refunds better while streamlining order fulfillment cycles. 

5. Integrations

Integrations are essential for any OMS. By linking your existing systems and processes with your OMS, businesses can reduce manual data entry and ensure data accuracy across the entire supply chain. 

Plus, it provides visibility into customer orders from each channel and end-to-end tracking of all transactions. The integration allows companies to respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs. 

Top 3 Tips to Handle eCommerce Returns Easier Than Ever Before

1. Streamline Your Returns Process

Creating a simple and hassle-free return policy can make the entire process smoother for customers and employees. Consider implementing an automated system that lets customers quickly initiate the return process without waiting in line or calling customer service. Automating the system also helps streamline inventory tracking and creates a more efficient workflow.

2. Offer Multiple eCommerce Return Options 

Make sure to provide customers with various return options that are both convenient and secure. Consider offering free in-store returns, prepaid shipping labels for online orders, or even pick-up services for larger items. It eliminates the hassle of arranging transportation and ensures that customers can find an option that works best for them.

3. Provide Clear Communication

Keeping customers informed throughout the process is key to making returns easier. Ensure that information about your eCommerce return policy and options is visible on your website and in customer emails.

Give customers updates on their return status, so they know when their refund is expected to arrive. Clear communication helps alleviate any worry about the return process and keeps them informed. 

Faster and Easier eCommerce Returns with M.O.M.

Make returns simpler and more efficient with M.O.M., the easy-to-use return software designed for businesses of any size.

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