Freestyle’s cloud inventory hosting solutions are an excellent option for those looking to take advantage of having a seamless flexible solution that prioritizes mobility and unique situations that might come up in your day-to-day. Being in the cloud allows for more robust access to our services while not sacrificing PCI compliance or other industry standards.

Security is one of our top priorities and is at the forefront of our implementations and procedures. With more and more of our world moving to a cloud environment, we’re here to help make sure all of the pieces are put together with no hiccups along the way.

Cloud inventory hosting allows for all of our applications to be connected together in a web. This differs from traditional hosting, which would rely on using a single server in order to manage multiple processes.

Using this method allows for a more streamlined process whether you’re managing shipments, orders, returns, and other common and uncommon eCommerce-related logistics. Allow us to explain in greater detail what you can come to expect by switching to Freestyle’s modern technology infrastructure.


Different From a SaaS Solution

Something that is very different with our product is that we’re not a SaaS solution. You have full control over the services that you own. As the experts of our own technology, we’re here to help you work and manage what you’ve set up to fit your needs.

By deciding to go the cloud route, you effectively free up the need for an in-house IT team by utilizing ours. And of course, that doesn’t mean sacrificing accessibility either.

By using our cloud solutions, you will have 24/7 access to your data, controls, and the ability to scale your server however and whenever you need to anywhere in the world. By relying heavily on automation, a lot of the repetitive and mundane tasks are a thing of the past.

In a traditional SaaS environment, you never own the product — you’re only leasing it. With our solutions, you will be in complete control of your environment. Any of the tweaks you’d like to make are completely up to you. Flexible technology is something that our clients need. Every eCommerce business, while sharing commonalities, is always different and therefore requires different solutions. We’re proud to offer help and efficiencies to companies that need to improve their current workflows.


Cloud Inventory Hosting At The Core

The core principle of cloud hosting is moving away from a single server hosting solution to a multiserver environment. Typically cloud inventory solutions are based offsite from a company in a location built specifically for server management. This has many advantages but in general, this allows you to get the most out of your management process.

One of the most important advantages of cloud inventory hosting is the ability to be versatile. You get to decide the level of scale that you need when it comes to server space, memory, processing power, and much more. You shouldn’t have to pay for something you aren’t using.

Cloud hosting can be utilized for the entire software stack for ordering and other eCommerce tasks for a small to mid-sized business just as much as it can be used for a Fortune 500 company. It’s all a matter of configuration. Having us convert your nontechnical specifications into something that reflects in your hosting solution in a highly technical manner is what we specialize in with M.O.M. (order and inventory management software).


Save Time and Money With Cloud Services

The tried and true phrase “time is money” is all the more relevant in our modern world. The difference in saving one hour out of every workday can change the entire workflow of your whole organization.

By making the switch to a cloud-hosted solution, our team is able to understand your business needs on an even more intimate level and therefore, is able to go even further in seeing where advanced optimizations can be made. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about learning how to make these changes yourself.

Think about the time and energy it takes to hire a tech lead. Depending on the size and scale of your business, you might require an entire IT branch just to handle the logistical processes of eCommerce.

By specializing in the eCommerce process from top to bottom, we’ve become experts in this arena and developed software to take on hard-to-tackle tasks at every point in the supply chain.


The Takeaway

By making the switch to a cloud inventory within your technology stack, you’ll be able to not only free up more time for tasks that require a more human touch, but you’ll also be placing these critical tasks in the hands of the experts.

Cloud inventory hosting is simply the next advancement in many popular business practices, especially in the form of eCommerce logistics.

We urge you to get your hands dirty in one of our free product demonstrations so that you can see for yourself how our product works. If any questions come up along the way, we urge you to reach out to us for a one-on-one conversation or demo