Running a business is complicated. There are a LOT of moving pieces. You have a multitude of to-do and must-get-done and can’t-let-slip lists that seemingly have no end. And if you’re like most business owners, you just don’t ever really get to take a deep breath, sigh of relief, checked off the list feeling, ahhh…you’re done… you’re finally caught up…you’re finished. Yeah, we don’t often have that feeling either. When you’re running a business, there is always something more to do.  

And a huge part of what you have to do involves communicating with your customer base both existing customers and prospects. 

You need to be able to:

  • announce product launches
  • promote new software
  • share support and service updates
  • field new customer questions
  • respond to complaints
  • nurture your leads
  • and so. much. more.  

So how do you manage to successfully communicate in a timely, responsive manner? Keeping current customers satisfied while encouraging potential ones to sign on the dotted line? 

Two words: Email software 

Email. How did we ever survive without it? It’s a form of communication business owners need today. And with that much weight on just one tiny aspect of your daily business dealings, you really, truly, can not afford to not have the best vendor and email marketing platform software out there. 

But email vendors and platforms are not all created equal. 

How do you know which is the best email marketing platform for your business model? 

Choosing the right email marketing software may not be as easy as you think…you have dozens, maybe hundreds, of viable options to choose from (you know, in all your spare time). 

This is why we partnered up with WiseGuys Marketing’s Bruce Gregoire to figure out which email software is the best for Freestyle customers. 

Gregoire’s notes:
The 2019 Email Marketing Platform Evaluation for Freestyle Users Guide highlights survey research based on our own [WiseGuys Marketing’s] criteria, aspects we believe are important to Freestyle users. The criteria are shown in the column headings, followed by feedback/input from the following sources:

  • Freestyle and other user group surveys
  • Online sources – see the “Reference Sources” column

Gregoire’s caveats:

  • Our approach throughout has been that the vendor – not just the email platform – needs significant review. And it’s important to keep in mind, a decision on vendor/platform selection should consider viability in the long term – at least 5 to 10 years.
  • Note that this is by no means an exhaustive survey. For in-depth software reviews, you can check out our reference sources on your own.

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Gregoire’s recommendations:
The top 3 vendors we selected for the Freestyle community are:

As you’ll see in the downloadable 2019 Email Platform Evaluation for Freestyle Users Guide, all 3 vendors have the following characteristics:

  • Low-to-moderate price points for the Freestyle community 
  • A minimum of 25 customer reviews (with positive commentary)
  • Ease-of-use is mentioned prominently, from customer reviews and/or reference sources

Are you looking for a new email platform and vendor to work with? Not sure what to look for or how to find the best fit for your platform? Download our 2019 Email Vendor Review today to find the email marketing solution you’ve been looking for. 

Have any other questions? Reach out via email or contact us today!


Image courtesy Pixabay | ribkhan