Valentine’s Day 2018 Was a Very Mobile Holiday, Freestyle Solutions

We have been talking about the fact that Mobile leads the way for eCommerce sales and if we needed more evidence of that we certainly have it with the release of sales data from the recent Valentine’s Day holiday. The percentage of consumers using Mobile devices increased to 37.9% of eCommerce transactions compared to 27.6% in the same period last year.   That is a significant increase in such a short buying period and represents a healthy chunk of the approximately $19.6 Billion spent on Valentine’s Day gifts in the US.

Valentine’s Day has always been a holiday where last minute shoppers rule and Mobile is the perfect medium for tardy shoppers to shop on the go and still find an exceptional gift.  While this is just one holiday and certainly does not approach the volume of the year end holiday shopping season it is a continuation of a well-documented trend described both here and many other places.  If there were any question whether Mobile sales will increase in the upcoming year end Holiday shopping season the results from Valentine’s Day clearly indicate that they will.

Important questions for eTailers to consider in looking ahead to the rest of 2018 are:

  • What strategy should be followed to improve your Mobile commerce site and back end fulfillment operations?
  • When do I need to begin planning to implement these changes?

These questions are asked every day by our customers and prospects with the answer to #1 depending on an analysis of current operations and the answer to # 2 being – Now!

If you would like to read more about the data from Valentine’s Day go to here and here.

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