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Whether your sales are up or down during the pandemic, you need to be prepared for when consumers open their wallets again.

Your customers and prospects judge every part of how they interact with you during these chaotic times, from the moment they land on your website, first impressions matter. Trends are emerging, and this is what you should be considering:

User Experience – Do you know what your customers think about your site, have you asked them? From visual appeal to ease of search, everything matters. Many helpful metrics are available through Google Analytics, time spent on page and popular or declining pages are a great place to start, if your bounce rate is high and page duration is declining, you should be concerned. Remember, the quality of each visit matters just as much as the volume of traffic to your site.
Quick Suggestion – Use exit survey tools to learn what your customers think, if you have many one-time purchasers, contact them to ask what they thought of the buying experience. Your customers provide the final grade on how good your site is or isn’t.

Mobile Sales – Your customers have been shopping at home, if you thought they would be using a desktop, you were wrong. Turns out that the trend we have seen over the past few years has continued, mobile sales are up, desktop sales are flat.
Quick Suggestion – If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, what are you waiting for? Speak with your provider today.

Security & Fraud Protection – Is anyone surprised that fraud has increased during the pandemic? As we all know opportunity also brings risks and the past few months have shown that to be true.
Quick Suggestion – Review your site security and contact your card processor to ask what tools they have to help, visit here for a great overview of best practices.

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