Today’s TBT is reaching all the way back…to last month. Why? We want to make sure you don’t miss this!

If you’ve been here a while, you probably remember that MOM 11 launched just a couple months ago. It was exciting, because this new version of M.O.M. is the most robust, most feature-rich, most user-friendly platform to date. We couldn’t wait to get it out there and start hearing from customers. We had a suspicion they were going to love all the new features and upgrades, and boy were we right!

Advanced Order Processing Module from M.O.M. 11

It’s always fun and exciting to launch a new version of software, but there was more to it this time. The latest version of M.O.M. has a unique new option – the Advanced Order Processing Module. Why is it such a huge deal? See for yourself…

advanced order processing module graph

Check out Advanced Order Processing Module – New to M.O.M. 11 post to learn more about how this latest module can:

  • process orders in record time
  • save you on training
  • allow you to view details at-a-glance
  • and much, much more

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