Advanced Order Processing ModuleAdvanced Order Processing Module

There’s been a lot of excitement about M.O.M. Version 11, and much of it has been focused on the simultaneous release of the Advanced Order Processing Module (AOPM).

M.O.M. has always been an industry-leading solution that helps eCommerce brands grow. But with growth, often comes the need to process large quantities of orders rapidly and efficiently – especially during peak periods of demand (like the upcoming holiday season!)

Are you searching for the perfect order process tools to kick start your growth? Then AOPM is what you need.

Developed with input from some of our fastest-growing customers, AOPM is the M.O.M. module that facilitates daily processing of high volumes of orders during your busiest times of the year. The just-released AOPM changes the dynamics of what you may be used to with M.O.M., while giving you a whole new set of tools. 

What can you expect with AOPM? Here are just a few highlights:

  • More than one person can process a batch of orders
  • Multiple printers can be used to process a batch
  • Create, save and run many different batch profiles through a range of filters. Filter by: 
    • Carrier
    • Time of day
    • Order size 
    • And more 
  • Order details can be viewed inside the processing of the batch, making it easier to identify and isolate orders with issues
  • Process thousands of orders efficiently, with fewer workers and less expense

The benefits are easy to spot and verify: the more orders you have to process, the quicker AOPM can accomplish the task. For example, you can process a batch of 900 orders 4.5 times faster with three users than with one. 

But the improvements don’t end there. By purchasing and implementing AOPM, you will also save on training and processing time while building efficiency.

If your business is looking to improve high volume processing flow, contact us today.