boxes wrapped with kraft paper twine red tagsInventory management is crucial every month of the year, but for eCommerce brands, never is it more important than when gearing up and powering through the busy holiday season. In this week’s #TBT we take a look back at a past blog covering how to avoid stock outs using 3 easy tips:

  • Forecast
  • Deploy
  • Flex

Holiday Inventory Management: Is Your Christmas Stocking Ugly?

Ready to head into the holiday season full speed ahead? Is your inventory management software setting you up for success? Wondering if you’re ready for a new system? Take our quiz to find out if Freestyle’s M.O.M. is a good fit for you. Freestyle’s Multichannel Order Manager is one-stop-shopping for all the forecasting, deploying and flexing you need so you’re ready to win this holiday season.


Images courtesy of Pixabay | PublicDomainPictures and Alexas_Fotos