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For multichannel and eCommerce brands, seasonal surges are expected, even appreciated, during the busy holiday months. And while they’re anticipated, all too often we find ourselves not ready, and we end up in warehouse overload. The holidays mean: new products are promoted, volume increases and seasonal-sales result in inventory flying off the shelves.

Quick question: Are you prepared?

Failing to properly execute holiday orders could mean more than just cranky customers. It could mean you lose them, permanently. Don’t get caught in the lurches, when volume is at an all-time high and every order needs detailed attention so it’s delivered on time to satisfied customers.

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Freestyle’s M.O.M. means you can be prepared to crush it this holiday season. Find out all that our WMS can offer to ensure warehouse inefficiencies don’t dampen your holiday spirit. Check out this week’s #TBT:

Prepare for the Seasonal Surge in Order Volume in Your Warehouse, Reduce Mistakes and Save Money!

If you’re worried about your WMS this holiday season, reach out to Freestyle today to find out how M.O.M. can help. 




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