entrepreneur thinking looking up hand on chin blue digital icons behindNow that we’re into Q2 (already?!), for this week’s Throw Back Thursday, we wanted to take a look back at the eCommerce predictions we made heading into 2021. After an unprecedented 2020, we forecasted some pretty big changes for the world of eCommerce.

And while comfort levels surrounding getting back to in-person shopping (even at the good old mall) have steadily climbed over the last few months, even with availability of the COVID-19 vaccine a heartbeat away, people overwhelmingly are still turning to eCommerce to make their purchases.

According to Morning Consult, a tech company focused on using real-world, data-driven insights to track the trends currently transforming industries, just 52 percent of adults in the US are comfortable heading to a mall these days. That means 48 percent of consumers are still happier to open a website rather than a door to a store.

What were some of our other big ideas and how are our predictions holding up?

  • We predicted: eCommerce will continue to grow, but will slightly slow as retail brick and mortars reopen
    On Point – eCommerce sales are expected to bring in a whopping $843 billion this year
  • We predicted: Amazon’s progress on taking over the shipping industry will stay focused
    On Point – the eComm giant leased 11 of the 15 available Boeing 767 freighters Air Transport Services Group has available, and they have plans to own more than 85 planes by next year)

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eCommerce Predictions 2021

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