Optional Modules & Services Solution Sheets

See the power of M.O.M. with added on modules to take things to the next level.

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Freestyle M.O.M. and Big Commerce

Get direct integration between Big Commerce and M.O.M. with our BigCommerce module–only in M.O.M. V12. Manage every part of the fulfillment operation with M.O.M. and BigCommerce.

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Freestyle M.O.M. and Avalara

Comply with state tax regulations and meet Nexus with M.O.M. and Avalara with our new Avalara module. This easy-to-use sales tax module allows you to collect, report and remit sales tax and comply with confusing state tax regulations with ease.

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Freestyle M.O.M.® and Shippo Solution Sheet

Freestyle Solutions Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) and Shippo allow you to ship more efficiently by shipping directly from M.O.M., with the ability to print labels, easily look up shipping rates by fastest method, best method or guaranteed number of delivery days, rate shop by carrier, get discounted shipping rates on USPS Priority Mail and more.

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Freestyle M.O.M.® and Shippo International Solution Sheet

The Shippo International Module (SIM) and M.O.M. V12 provides merchants with a streamlined workflow to ship orders internationally. SIM allows merchants to conveniently complete item and customs declarations within M.O.M. V12, along with an efficient workflow to print customs declarations, commercial invoices and shipping labels.

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Freestyle M.O.M.® and Salesforce Solution Sheet

Get direct integration between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and M.O.M. V12 with our Salesforce module. eCommerce merchants can manage orders, fulfillment, product/ inventory synchronization and more with ease, all directly within the M.O.M. application.

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Freestyle M.O.M. and Shopify

With Freestyle Software’s M.O.M. V12, you can get direct integration with Shopify. Download orders, synchronize shipments and inventory, connect one or multiple Shopify stores to M.O.M., and–coming soon!–publish or update product information.

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Freestyle M.O.M. and Shopify Plus

Freestyle Software’s M.O.M. and Shopify Plus will allow you to manage every part of the fulfillment operation.

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Freestyle M.O.M. and Magento 2

Freestyle Software offers a powerful connector to Magento 2 that will help you realize the full
benefit of eCommerce’s newest platform.

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Advanced Order Processing Module

The Advanced Order Processing Module (AOPM) allows merchants to process high volumes of orders with less resources. AOPM removes bottlenecks in batch process and printing enabling multiple users and printers to run simultaneously. Handle large volumes of orders while eliminating bottlenecks and reducing expense with AOPM and M.O.M. Version 11.

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Freestyle M.O.M. Hosting

M.O.M. Hosting service does the heavy lifting, so you can concentrate on running and growing your business. Let M.O.M. take care of the technical side of things, with the infrastructure and IT support you need to keep business moving. Learn more about M.O.M. Hosting.

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SiteLINK – eCommerce Exclusively for M.O.M.® Solution Sheet

SiteLINK eCommerce software is the only true 2-way PCI compliant eCommerce solution designed by Dydacomp exclusively for Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.®) to meet your order processing and order fulfillment needs.

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Freestyle M.O.M.® and Amazon Solution Sheet

Freestyle’s M.OM. provides eCommerce brands with the most comprehensive fulfillment solution on the market today. Our powerful Amazon solution allows you to seamlessly manage every part of your fulfillment operation.