online sales tax compliance

If you’re like most eCommerce merchants, you’re struggling to keep up with changing state tax regulations and trying to make sure that you’re collecting, reporting and remitting sales taxes accurately.

A new feature of M.O.M. Version 12 which has just been announced is the powerful Avalara module, which will allow you to more quickly and easily adhere to complex sales tax regulations and laws in multiple states.

The Avalara module will allow you to:

  • Understand and comply with tax nexus rules in each
  • Access live sales tax calculation down to the zip plus
    four level
  • Charge and collect sales tax at the right rate in each
  • Avoid audits and penalties associated with improper
    collection and remittance of taxes
  • Automatically review, report and remit taxes to every
    state where you have a tax nexus
  • Save time while remaining in compliance

Contact us to schedule a demo and find out how M.O.M. and Avalara can save you time and make online sales tax reporting easier for your business.